In order to clarify the differences between the two companies and what each one has to offer, I decided to look into them both. I started using CrazyMass legal steroids in September 2022 and saw some better than expected results. Later, I learned that CrazyBulk had started selling similar products with similar names and similar prices, which made the situation even more confusing.

It is clear that CrazyMass has been selling its goods online for about 10 years compared to Crazy Bulk, which has been in operation for a shorter amount of time. CrazyMass has been in operation since 2006, while CrazyBulk only started selling legal steroids to the general public in 2022.

Authentic Steroids

If you’re not familiar with the term, a legal steroid is a risk-free, all-natural alternative to help increase strength and build muscle without side effects. Legal steroids are a potent substitute for anabolic steroids. To learn more about how legal steroids function, visit Legal Steroids homepage at, where I go into greater detail about their advantages.

The Products

Below is a list of the steroid names from each manufacturer. Both products have names that are comparable to anabolic steroids and sound quite similar.


The Differences

Although the product titles are fairly similar, there are some minor marketing distinctions. In fact, the prices of the two products are nearly comparable, and both businesses provide a 7-day money-back guarantee. There are a few products that are unique to each brand. For instance, CrazyBulk sells Gynectrol, a product to assist eliminate man boobs, but CrazyMas does not. Similarly, both CrazyMass and Crazy Bulk offer a Nitric Oxide booster.

Combos and stacks

The major distinction between CrazyBulk and CrazyMass is in the stacks and combos they offer. In fact, this is one of CrazyMass’s advantages because it makes it very simple to combine stacks for cutting, bulking, endurance, and stamina, whereas CrazyBulk only offers a bulking, cutting, and ultimate stack. While CrazyMass appears to primarily be geared toward male athletes, CrazyBulk does have a section specifically for female bodybuilders.

crazymass and crazybulk

Pricing and ingredients

The bulking stack is the only substantial difference between the two products in terms of price and components; CrazyBulk offers it for $179,99, while CrazyMass charges $185.00 for the same stack. The prices of the remaining goods from each company are hardly different.

Other Variations

Both businesses offer relatively identical ingredients, pricing, and packaging when it comes to the quality of their products; in fact, they both run similar sales and promotions, like purchase two get the third product free. If customers of CrazyBulk send in a before-and-after photo testimonial after using their products, they will receive a free stack of their choosing. If you send in a video testimonial after using their product, CrazyMass will give you two free items of your choice; if you send in a picture, you will receive one free product of your choice; and if you send in a written testimonial, you will receive 15% off on any order.


The fact that CrazyBulk offers products for both men and women, whereas CrazyMass does not, as far as customer reviews are concerned, is one of the aspects that I can see standing out. The fact that CrazyMass offers 5 different stacks to help you increase strength, stamina, bulking, cutting, and endurance stands out to me more than CrazyBulk’s 3 stacks for bulking, cutting, and their ultimate stack that can be mixed and matched. CrazyMass has many more video, picture, and text testimonials, which is likely because they have been in business for a long time. And what would I purchase? I must admit that after using both, it was the testimonials on the CrazyMass website that initially convinced me to make a purchase. I am pleased with the results.